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Researchers often have questions about the application of computer-based tools as well as about collecting, processing, sustainably storing and re-using digital research data. CLARIAH-DE provides expert knowledge in different fields. It offers researchers support and individual guidance in the following areas:

Data Management and Repositories

For a successful funding application, it is essential to process research data efficiently, store it for the duration of the research project (and longer) and document it. A so-called data management plan (DMP), itself frequently part of a successful funding application, should be created to establish how such issues are handled. CLARIAH-DE allows researchers to create a DMP in nine steps by means of a web form. Additionally, the HelpDesk provides individual support and guidance regarding the access to data repositories, the usage of the included corpora and the combination of different types of data in specific research contexts.

Tools and Resources

For easy access to resources and the selection of appropriate tools in specific research projects, CLARIAH-DE offers various guidance strategies for different target groups. For instance, CLARIAH-DE organizes workshops providing theoretical and practical knowledge of particular tools. Moreover, there are workshops in which PhD students can learn how to select the appropriate research data and digital tools. In summer school courses, students and researchers can discuss the selection of tools for their research projects and test these tools. Additionally, comprehensive documentation and tutorials accompany the available tools and applications.

Formats and Standards

By choosing the appropriate formats and standards for generating, annotating and archiving research data, it is guaranteed that the data can be used for a long time and across various projects. Further information on this is provided under ‘Principles and Standards’. Moreover, the ‘Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities’ (TaDiRAH) allows researchers to sustainably reference and utilize their research activities in the Digital Humanities with the help of domain-specific vocabulary.


Tapping into metadata is fundamental when it comes to the documentation and lasting storage of resources. The generated metadata are essential in order to find data, search it and continue using it. Researchers receive support when deciding which metadata are relevant in a specific research context and which standards to use. Via CLARIAH-DE, educational material on this topic is provided.

Legal and Ethical Questions

To utilize research data or tools for a long time and across different projects and platforms, appropriate licences have to be chosen. CLARIAH-DE provides information about legal and ethical questions in this regard. It also offers the opportunity to contact experts from the research network with questions about particular research issues.

The CLARIAH-DE helpdesk provides access to a broad network of experts with knowledge of the resources and services offered by the project.


Support, data management, repositories, legal and ethical questions, formats, standards, metadata


CLARIAH-DE is a research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), grant no. 01UG1610 A to I.

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