Educational & Course Material

Educational and Course Material

CLARIAH-DE provides collections of educational material for researchers from the Humanities and cultural sciences. This material can be used for self-study or teaching. The collections contain tutorials and tools developed by CLARIAH-DE’s predecessors CLARIN-D and DARIAH-DE, and by partner initiatives such as forText or Programming Historian. They also contain material compiled by internationally active researchers. The recommended offers were specifically designed to allow interested researchers from the Humanities and other disciplines easy access to digital research methods and to enable the usage of reference data.

CLARIAH-DE brings together digital research infrastructures in the Humanities and, while doing so, makes teaching and course material accessible. To this end, CLARIAH-DE collects this material in Tutorial Finder, a central directory. Researchers and teachers can search collections of material from different disciplines or research methods by genre and formats. They can add their own suggestions and material and thereby enlarge the collections to represent the broad field of digital humanities in an optimal manner.

Examples for material contained in the CLARIAH-DE directory:

  1. The collections DARIAH-campus, #dariahTeach, OER Commons and TeLeMaCo contain certified offers for further educational training in the Digital Humanities.
  2. SSHOC Training offers webinars on text mining, data science, data protection and data management.
  3. DARIAH-DE offers tutorials on the basics of digital editions, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP):
    • Digital Text Editions with TEI – introduction to the encoding of editions and texts;
    • NLP Based Analysis of Literary Texts – manual on extracting linguistic information from digitised texts by means of NLP tools;
    • TaTOM – preparation of a text corpus for the quantitative analysis of texts (in revision);
    • WordEmbeddings – machine learning for NLP (in development);
    • Digital Editions – workflow for digital editions (in development);
    • Linear Algebra – introduction to linear algebra for researchers from the Humanities and cultural sciences (in development);
    • Statistics – overview of quantitative methods (in development).
  4. #dariahTeach, CLARIN-D, CLARIN ERIC and TextGrid offer videos supporting digital teaching with step-by-step manuals and case scenarios.
  5. The Digital Humanities Course Registry offers an overview of online and offline teaching programmes in the Digital Humanities within the European Union.
  6. Software and tools developed for teaching purposes:
    • The CLARIN-D-Wizard for the creation of data management plans;
    • The DARIAH Topics Explorer, a tool allowing interested researchers in the Humanities to use topic modelling without coding skills and to explore training data or their own corpora by means of semantic structures. The Topics Explorer uses the Python library ‘Topics’, which has been developed in the context of DARIAH-DE;
    • DKProWrapper, a combination of different NLP tools in one application, allowing for linguistic preprocessing without advanced coding skills in a pre-constructed or individually tailored pipeline.


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CLARIAH-DE is a research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), grant no. 01UG1610 A to I.

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