CLARIAH-DE Cross-Service Search

CLARIAH-DE Cross-Service Search

CLARIAH-DE Cross-Service Search provides an integrated access to three different search engine systems developed within the CLARIN and DARIAH projects:

  • Scientific collections and resources registered in the DARIAH-DE Collection Registry can be found via the Generic Search (GS) by searching in corpus data and metadata.
  • Corpus data available through CLARIN-FCS endpoints can be accessed by using search queries in the Federated Content Search (FCS).
  • Resources, services and tools available within CLARIN can be found via the Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) by searching in metadata.

CLARIAH-DE Cross-Service Search provides a quick and broad overview of the freely available tools and collections that can be used in own research contexts. The search form below enables searching simple terms on the three systems simultaneously. The search results of the systems can be viewed by switching between the corresponding tabs. In FCS, the query is conveyed to the system as it can be seen in the search field, but the search results are not immediately shown. Eventually the search button within the FCS tab must be clicked again. An advanced search with specific criteria such as metadata fields (in GS and VLO, e.g. language, data format) and annotation layers (in FCS, e.g. PoS, lemma) can be conducted on the individual websites of the systems.

This functional search limitation is deliberate because there is a trade off between integrating the available resources more extensively and the representation of the search results. The Cross-Service Search is a functional demonstrator which shows the merging of different search spaces, namely GS, FCS and VLO.


CLARIAH-DE is a research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), grant no. 01UG1610 A to I.

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